Thursday, July 26, 2012

First blog. Ever.

Hi there! My name is Amy and this is my first blog. EVER. So please bare with me while I get it going. ;) Also, PLEASE leave any feedback, advice, or comments! I would love to hear from you on how to get a blog going or just on life!

I'm 24 yrs old and from good ole' Louisiana. I'm engaged to a wonderful man, Chris, and we have a 15mnth old little boy, Carson. We have so many wonderful things going on in our lives that I can't wait to share our journey with y'all.

To be honest, I'm not sure what the purpose of this blog will be. But, between my future wedding, our new house, and my son; I will have a ton of recipes, crafts, and other things to share with y'all. I am also addicted to Pinterest so I will probably be sharing all of my "attempts" to recreate diy projects and other misc. things! 

I guess that is all for now! Can't wait to start posting! 

Much love,

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